The Island Of Lost Children


The world is a bleak and all too quiet place for young Patience and her faithful dog, Barkley…
Her father, a workaholic doctor obsessed with curing his patients, does not allow her outside; for fear she might fall ill and pass away as her mother did all those years ago…
With no mother, and a father oblivious to her loneliness, Patience falls foul of her wicked governess – Miss Treat – who believes that all children should be “not seen and not heard.”  Every time Patience and Barkley are caught making the tiniest bit of noise, they are forced to clean their massive house from top to bottom!
And what a creepy old house it is too…  Formerly a school, it is rumoured that all the children just up and vanished as if by magic!  But of course Patience knows better than to believe in such things as magic
One day, after accidentally breaking Miss Treat’s favourite vase, Patience and Barkley are thrown into the scary old attic, much to their dismay!  It is there that they happen across a peculiar painting of a beautiful island…  But little do they know that this is the vey moment that will change their lives forever – in ways they could never have imagined…
Findings themselves somehow magically transported to the very same island from the painting in the attic, Patience and Barkley rejoice.  At last, they are free to live as they please… Or so they thought!
A legion of children lead by a powerful King, a scary ghost who is not as he seems, and a magical paintbrush-wielding super-villain; all this and more await Patience and Barkley on The Island of lost Children
Will Patience find the courage to speak her truth, even when all the world is telling her to be silent?  Can she face her fears and “stand tall” even when all seems lost?  And will she and Barkley ever find their way back home?
Well we can’t actually tell you, that’d be cheating!


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